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This website started as an idea my Grandfather, L. V. Hogue, and my cousin, Ted (Jesse) Vethaak, had in the mid-1980s. It was subsequently revived in late-2004 by my parents, George & Ruth Rath. Late in his life, my Grandfather traveled with my cousin and visited a number of our relations. As part of their journeys, they took photographs of many my Grandfather's paintings and collected those photographs in an album. They had intended to create a book containing pictures of all of my Grandfather's paintings, along with a record of where that painting was located. However, that original photo album has been lost.

L.V. Hogue reading in his work area.
L. V. Hogue reading in his painting work area. His easel is visible in the left foreground. Photo taken c1985 by Doreen Forbes.

My parents began to revive this idea in late-2004, and upon reflection it seemed appropriate to take the resources at hand and begin to populate a website. As you explore the stories and photos here, you will see that the images and prose are often imperfect. Please try to push these imperfections to the background as you navigate this site. Over time, we will continue to add-to this site and polish what's here.  Please periodically return to view progress.

As the site editor, it is my (Christopher Rath's) personal hope that the material presented herein will serve as a catalyst to compel readers who have paintings or stories about L. V. Hogue to take time to contribute them for presentation on this website.


Lemuel Victor Hogue was born and lived all of his life in the area around Welland, Ontario, Canada. He was interested in painting from an early age, and went so far as to take a correspondence art course. As a boy, his mother would mix up a paste of cocao powder and water to use as paint, and he would sit at the kitchen table and paint.

As an adult, he worked in a variety of media, but he is best known for his oil on canvas work using a pallet knife instead of a brush (he sometimes used the end of some tightly rolled paper as a tool with which to spread paint). Most of his paintings were done in that style, and most of his paintings were of landscapes. Despite never being a wealthy man, he was always giving away paintings to friends, family, and anyone or any organisation that expressed an interest in his work.

L.V. Hogue working on a painting, in his home.
L. V. Hogue working on a painting, in his home. Photo taken in 1985 by George Rath.

L. V. Hogue's work generally has a very distinctive look to it, and his pallet knife style paintings are easily identifiably as his. That said, he constructed models, built mobiles, and sometimes painted in other media just to see how things would turn out. He spent many years working as a welder, and late in life his eyesight suffered as a result. Even as his sight was failing him, he continued to paint; not ceasing to paint until his ability to distinguish shapes was completely gone. Some of these later works feature brighter colours that he found easier to work with.

Painting Technique

As already mentioned, L.V. Hogue use of a pallet knife was a distinctive element of his painting style was use of a pallet knife. An unseen element was his use of photographs as inspiration for his paintings. L.V. Hogue often took a photo of an interesting landscape image and then later painted the picture in the comfort of his home. See the photo, below, of the "Lighthouse at Abino Point" for an example of this painting technique.

For reasons unknown, very few photos were taken of L. V. Hogue painting. If anyone has a photo to offer of L. V. Hogue at work on a painting, deliverying a lecture at the museum, etc., please send it along for us to post here.

Further information about his life and times:

The Gallery

L.V. Hogue working on a painting, in his home.
A Poloroid photo of a newly completed painting on the easel in L.V. Hogue's painting nook. Notice the snapshot attached to the bottom of the easel. He used this day-time snapshot as inspiration for the night-time painting.

The links below provide groups of paintings to view. In most cases we are still collecting background information and so the paintings are not yet sorted by date. The image quality of these images is sometimes not very good; the images are photos taken by their owners and sent to me, or have been scavenged from existing photos taken at family functions (for example, in the corner of a picture of a group of people in someone's living room a painting appears and we've clipped out that small part from the family photo). At this time, the purpose of this site is not to present gallery-quality images, but rather to introduce readers to as many of L. V. Hogue's wonderful paintings as possible.

Other Notes

One note regarding units of measure: the size of each painting is shown in imperial instead of metric units (that is, inches vs. centimetres) because the canvas boards most often used by L. V. Hogue were sold in imperial unit sizes during the time he was active as a painter.

Legal Notes

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The Paintings

L. V. Hogue's paintings are presented through the links below, grouped into various galleries:

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