Martin Luther King, by Winnifred Bray (age 13)

The following poem was published in the Welland Tribune and inspired L.V. Hogue to paint "The Freedon Rider".

Martin Luther King
Winnifred Bray, age 13

Some say he knew, God told him so.
He reached the mounttain top.
He saw the promised land for them.
He saw success and hope.

He gave his life so willingly
To reach his striving goal.
He didn't fear for himself
For God now owned his soul.

This patriotic, faithful man
Held the hearts of all
Who followed in teh great march on
And harkened to God's call.

Multitudes did hold him dear.
They saw love in his face.
They looked into his longing heart,
Ignoring shade and race.

But still, there was the hateful one
Who didn't see this man
As a messenger from God
But, with a different tan.

And so th eworld stood still that night.
"No God!" the crowd did yell.
the sniper's bullet found his head
And Martin Luther fell.

Some say he knew, he had a dream
Which thrice he did exclaim
And then his speech of speeches,
Just hours, hen he was slain.

He said therein that they would see
Their victory close at hand
And with or without him, they
Would find their promised land.

Oh God we pray that all will feel
The sorrow and the sting
We felt at the sudden death
Of Martin Luther King.

Scan of
	    the poem as published in the Welland Tribune newspaper

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