What's your opinion ... is Valentine's Day special

Elizabeth and Lem Hogue

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St. Valentine's Day is Tuesday. The annual celebration of love has its origins in both Christian and 1 non-Christian traditions. The Romans celebrated a festival about Feb. 15 each year, starring, among others, the mischievous Cupid whose arrows were 'poisoned'' with love and who put a spell on couples by shooting them through the heart.

Roman pioneers of their day brought this tradition with them to Western Europe and England and it was eventually merged with the newer fest of St. Valentine which the Roman Catholic Church marked on Feb. 14.

The Tribune's reporter-on-the-street went out and asked city residents who their Valentines are and how they will celebrate the occasion.

ELIZABETH AND LEM HOGUE have no problem in that regard. They were married on Valentine's Day in 1928 and Tuesday is their 50th anniversary. They are celebrating with their family later this week but took time out from a downtown expedition to show the reporter-on-the-street how they feel about each other.

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