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To the Editor:

I would like to add my comments to yours regarding the recent death of Mr. Lem Hogue. This man was important to our community because of his interest in the history of the town and his desire to tell this to all. He was well aware that Welland was over 150 years old.

A blacksmith by trade he took great delight in telling audiences about the interesting aspects of the profession and its importance to the community. He was always available to speak to any audience about life in the early days of Weland. In addition being a painter he sketched numerous scenes of old Welland, and buildings which have either change or disappeared withthe passing of time. He also had an appreciation of good music.

Until his later years Mr. Hogue was a very active man with an ever ready smile. Retirement had little fear for him. He handled it by keeping himself busy.

Welland is richer for having him. He will be missed.

A.L. Purdon

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