Newspaper Articles

This section of the L. V. Hogue website is intended to provide links to newspaper and other third-party coverage. If you know of any material that would be suitable for adding here please send us a note; hopefully with a copy of the material for posting.

Newspaper Articles

The Welland Tribune, 2008-06
Coverage of Ralph Hogue's speach at the Welland Historical Society's recent meeting. He spoke about L. V. Hogue's father's blacksmith shop" which began operations in late 1929 on Fraser Street in Welland.
The Welland Tribune, 1986
Coverage of the unveiling of a plaque commemorating the aqueduct of the second Welland Canal. L. V. Hogue is shown in the accompanying photo, as he unveiled the plaque during the ceremony.
The Welland Tribune c1980-08
Biographic piece about L. V. Hogue
The St. Catherines Standard, 1978-07-17
Biographic piece about L. V. Hogue
The Welland Tribune, 1965
The poem, published in the Welland Tribune, that inspired L. V. Hogue's painting of The Freedom Rider.

Other Coverage

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